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I have a government profile, but I'd like to post about "neighbor" topics on my own Forum.

You can add a neighbor profile to your current account, or create a new account for "neighbor" use. Here's how:

A.   Add a Neighbor profile to your existing account if you want the same email address to be associated with both government and neighbor postings:
  • Log into your FPF account.
  • Click (or tap) the triple bar symbol (☰) at the top right and select "My Account."

  • On the Account page, scroll down past the "My Account Details" section and click "Add Neighbor Profile."

  • Follow the prompts and fill in your information to create a neighbor profile.
  • When posting, be sure to select the appropriate profile.

B. Create a new account if you want neighbor postings to be associated with a separate email address:

  • First, log out of your existing account.  (If you're logged in, you will see a triple bar symbol (☰) at the top right. To log out, click or tap the symbol, and select "Logout."
  • Then, at https://frontporchforum.com/,  select "Neighbor" and fill out the form under "Join the conversation."  Click "Sign Up" and follow the prompts to complete the process.
  • When posting, be sure you're logged into the appropriate account / profile.  You may have to  log out / log in to get there.

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