How do shared postings work?

Shared postings can be viewed by members of neighboring forums.

When you post a message and leave the box checked that says “Allow people in neighboring FPFs to see this posting,” FPF members in neighboring forums will be able to view your posting. Note that this feature is not available for all posting categories.

To view postings in neighboring forums, see the "Explore Postings from Neighboring Forums" section at the bottom of the email forum, or you can toggle between forums on FPF’s website or mobile app.

Note that when you look at postings from Neighboring Forums, you will see their shared postings – not your own.

When members from the Neighboring Forums look at postings from your area, they will see your (and your neighbors') postings – not their own.

You can also search postings in neighboring forums by using the search tool on FPF's website, or in the mobile app. More information here.