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Why was my FPF profile switched to a Business profile?

You signed up for a Neighbor profile, but it was subsequently switched to Business, limiting your ability to post.

When a person posts repeatedly about a business or nonprofit, our system converts their FPF profile from "Neighbor" to "Business" or "Nonprofit."  Our system is designed this way in an effort to strike a reasonable balance: mostly neighbor-to-neighbor postings, with a smaller number of business-related postings.

Businesses and nonprofits are welcome on local FPFs, as are their postings. Such profiles are limited to a few postings per year, free of charge.  If you would like to post more often about your business or nonprofit, you can upgrade to the Standard plan. To do so, visit the My Account page and click "Edit" next to "Profile Plan Tier." Also note that having a Business or Nonprofit profile includes a listing in FPF's Community Directory.