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Why was my FPF profile switched to a Business profile?

You signed up for a Neighbor profile, but it was subsequently switched to Business, limiting your ability to post.

When a person posts repeatedly about a business or nonprofit, our system converts their FPF profile from "Neighbor" to "Business" or "Nonprofit."  Our system is designed this way in an effort to strike a reasonable balance: mostly neighbor-to-neighbor postings, with a smaller number of business-related postings.

Businesses and nonprofits are welcome on local FPFs, as are their postings. Such profiles are limited to a few postings per year, free of charge.  If you would like to post more often about your business or nonprofit, you can upgrade to a paid plan. To do so, visit your Account page and click "Edit" next to "Profile Plan Tier." All Business and Nonprofit profiles include a listing in FPF's Community Directory.