Survey FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about our survey

Why is FPF surveying its members?  
FPF is conducting this survey because we want to hear from our members about their experience with FPF.  We will use what we learn to improve FPF's service for our members.  

What is the survey about?  
The survey is mainly about how FPF works for you:  what you like about FPF, what you use it for, what it does for your community, how it could be improved, and so on.  There are also a few questions about other social media platforms, as we want to learn more about how FPF fits into our members' overall social media use.  This part of the survey also will be used in a public report about what people think about different social media platforms.  Finally, the survey includes a few demographic questions that will help us ensure that FPF is paying attention to the perspectives and needs of people from a wide range of backgrounds. 

Who is conducting the survey?  
The survey was designed by Front Porch Forum in close collaboration with Dr. Talia Stroud of the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin, whose university is administering the survey.  Dr. Stroud is the co-founder of New Public, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote healthier digital public spaces, and an expert in survey research.

What happens when I click the link to the survey?  
You'll be taken to a page with some federally required consent language from the university of Dr. Talia Stroud, FPF's partner in running this survey.  Please read it and make sure you're fine with it, but rest assured that FPF has reviewed it all to ensure that it respects our members' privacy.  Click the button at the bottom of the “consent” page to be taken to the survey itself.  

How will you protect my privacy?  
The data collected in this survey will be used only in aggregate — meaning, our focus is on overall patterns and trends, not on the specifics of how a given member responds.  Therefore, any information that could uniquely identify you will be deleted from the data, and we will only analyze the survey results at the level of large groups of respondents.

How will I be entered in the drawing if I don't provide my name or email address?
You will be included in the gift certificate drawing automatically. The link you click to complete the survey contains a unique ID. Once the survey closes, our partners at the University of Texas-Austin will send us a list of these unique IDs, each of which corresponds to a specific member (but is not correlated with survey responses). We will pick a winner from among these members.

Why is taking the survey worth my time?  
FPF exists to help neighbors connect and build community.  We need your help and guidance to keep us on the right track, particularly as trends both nationally and locally threaten community ties.  Your input will help keep your FPF going strong!