How do I review, edit or delete a posting?

You can edit or delete postings before they're reviewed.

To review, edit or delete a posting, log in to your FPF account and then:

    • On the website, click (or tap) the triple bar symbol (☰) at the top right and select "My Submissions."

    • You can delete your posting if it has not been published. 
    • You can edit your posting if it has not yet been set for publishing.  
    • If your posting is pending publication but you don't see an "Edit" button, contact us with your request to edit.
    • Once a posting has been published (sent via email or mobile app to FPF members) it’s not possible to change or delete it. However, on the "My Submissions" page, you can click to “Close this posting in forum” to advise others of a change.