How do I reply to a posting?

1.  To submit a message as a posting to your FPF, click the orange "Reply to Forum" button.

2.  To respond directly to the author, Click the orange "Email Author" button below the posting.

If you don’t see the “Email Author” button, this may be due to a feature that allows members to remove that option on their posting.  (See the “Allow people to respond to you by email” checkbox on the “Compose” page).

If the "Email Author" button does not not work for you, first try updating your browser, or using a different one. If that doesn't help, you may need to update or configure your email to support "mailto" links (more below). In any case, you can follow these steps to email the author of a posting:

  • Hover your mouse/arrow over the "Email Author" button, and right click. (On a mobile device, press and hold.)
  • Choose "Copy Email Address."
  • Open up a Compose page in your email.
  • Right click the area where the recipient's email address goes.
  • Click Paste. This should cause the email address to be pasted in, ready for sending (once you compose your message!)
  • There may be extra text after the email when you paste it in. Delete that.
Here is more detailed information about mailto links:
Email, or "mailto" links are special web links that open up a new email message with the recipient already filled out. The instructions to set this up will depend on what email client/provider you use (e.g. AOL, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Mail), as well as what browser (e.g. Chome or Firefox) and device.
Here are Gmail's instructions for configuring Chrome and Gmail to support mailto links - if you use Chrome as your browser, this is the easiest option:

Here are Firefox's instructions for configuring Firefox to supporting mailto links: