Can I post to other FPFs?

Can I submit postings to FPFs outside of my area?

Only residents of each FPF area can post messages to that FPF.  FPF's mission is based on hosting regional networks of small town/neighborhood online forums to help nearby neighbors connect and build community. To that end, each FPF is limited to the residents of that particular area.

We do have a feature, however, that enables members to share postings with neighboring forums. This option is the default when you post, via the check-box next to “Allow people in neighboring FPFs to see this posting” at the bottom of the Compose Posting form. If you leave this box checked, members in neighboring FPFs will be able to view your postings on FPF’s website and mobile app. Note that this feature is not available for all posting categories. 

You are also welcome to ask friends and contacts anywhere in Vermont to post your message on their own forums on your behalf. People are more likely to read postings from nearby neighbors than from distant strangers, so this approach can be quite effective.

Learn more about shared postings.

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