Can I attach a photo or other file?

Some categories of postings support attached photos.  

Postings in the For Sale, Free Items, Lost and Found, and Wildlife categories offer the option to upload photos. To attach a photo:

  • On the Compose page, select one of those categories. 
  • Then, an "Images" section will show up (under "Body"). 
  • Click or tap “Choose Files” to select a file or files on your device. 
  • Be sure to complete the rest of the form, and then click “Submit.”

Postings in other categories do not support images at this time.  Here are some workarounds:

  • Post the photo / attachment elsewhere online and provide a link to it in your FPF posting.
  • Offer to email the file to any interested neighbor.
  • If your attachment is essentially text, copy and paste that text into the body of your FPF posting directly.

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